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The Welsh Gift ShopY Siop Anrhegion Cymreig

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    • "Full of lovely gift products, the Welsh Gift Shop is a new and happy discovery" – The Guardian
    • "Full of beautiful Welsh items, with a keen, kind and personal touch. Bendigedig!" - Kirstie
    • "An absolute pleasure to buy from this store. The personal service is above and beyond!" - Shairon
    • "Mae Becca a'i bawb wedi ffeindio cynnyrchion Gymraeg ardderchog!" - Robert
    • "Very speedy service, helpful emails with order progress and a lovely product." – Susan
    • "Would not hesitate in buying from the Welsh Gift Shop again and recommending it" - Anne
    • "I wish every company was as quick to respond, and as friendly and helpful!" – Liz Mitchell


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