Morus y Gwynt ac Ifan y Glaw / Daflodd fy nghap i ganol y baw!

Morus y Gwynt ac Ifan y Glaw

Do you remember this Welsh couplet about the mischievous Morus and Ifan? Think it is quite fitting with this weather!

Morus y gwynt 
Ac Ifan y glaw
Daflodd fy nghap
I ganol y baw.

Morris the wind
And Ifan the rain
Threw my hat
Into the middle of the dirt

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We were taught this couplet in the infant school which I remember vividly, must have been about seven years old, being Welsh speaking I never forgot it. The school was pontarddulais infants. Happy days

Lloyd edwards

What a vile and racist comment by Josef. I have lived in N Wales for over 25 years and have never felt insulted or belittled. Of course, I did take the trouble to learn Welsh. Show respect for Wales and the Welsh and you will earn equal respect.

Garth Higginbotham

Is that a chip on your shoulder, Josef – or maybe it’s the whole of Snowdon!!!
It’s a good job that we north Walians have a sense of humour so that we can laugh when those who we’ve welcomed into our midst repay their “good memories” with drivel and rant!


Daflodd fy nghap
A wonderful example of but one of the letter mutations which make Cymraeg so suited to poetry and son.
Such good memories of my enjoyment of those aspects of Welsh culture from my time at school in north Wales in the 1940s and 50s
What a contrast to the openly racist and xenophobic behaviour exhibited by such a large majority of the population towards English residents, and especially children, in their midst.
It should come as no surprize that the north Wales Welsh are disliked not only by Scots, Irish and English, but south Wales Welsh too.

I used to recite this to my children, Welsh Gift Shop Becca and Jack Rhys when they were young.

They loved being bounced on my knees to the rhythm of the words before having their hair blown at
‘Daflodd fy nghap i ganol y baw’
Mam x

Ann Hemmings

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