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28 Jan

What does Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus Mean? Story Behind the Welsh Valentine's Day

Posted by Ann Hemmings

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus means Happy St. Dwynwen's Day in Welsh. It is the Welsh version of Valentine's Day and fast becoming more and more popular each year.

I had a lovely phone interview with Dot Davies on BBC Radio Wales on Friday. She asked me the story behind the day. You can listen to an abridged version of the tale below. 

Dot Davies BBC Wales
Dot Davies - BBC Cymru

17 Oct

Enjoy a Welsh Hygge This Autumn! Our Top Ten Cosy Products.

Posted by Ann Hemmings

Hygge is the Danish word which focuses on finding pleasure from the simple things in life. Using hygge in your home means creating a peaceful, cosy and clutter free environment.

Though this applies to the whole year round, Autumn is the perfect time to apply this lifestyle to your own home! 

Here are 10 of our Welsh products thats are sure to promote a serene and comforting feeling in your household.


31 Jul

Sheep Foot Rest - Ewemoo - All The colours of the Rainbow!

Posted by Becca Hemmings in Product Feature

One of our most loved welsh gifts has got to be these charming sheep foot rests. These will look right at home in any living room and help you put your feet up.

Each sheep is handmade in South Wales between the breathtaking Brecon Beacons and the glorious beaches of the Gower Peninsular.

As they are made to order there is a wait time for these gifts, but they are certainly worth the wait! Now there is only one thing left to decide, which colour would you choose?

ewemoo sheep foot rest

25 Jul

Our Top Five Welsh Gifts for Babies & Toddlers - Welsh Speaking & Learning

Posted by Becca Hemmings in Welsh Language

These are our top five gifts for littler Welsh learners or speakers. Each makes speaking or singing the Welsh language both fun and educational.

All have been tested on the youngest member of our team - our daughter! She is 20 months old and chief toy tester here at welshgiftshop.com.

1. Draigi, the welsh singing dragon, is by far her favourite and she particularly likes 'Ar hyd y nos.' She'll press the button and have a gentle sing and dance.

2. The abacus is also great as not only is it a great learning toy for her, but it looks really attractive! I love wooden toys (so much better for the environment than plastic) and I'm proud to have this on display at home.

3. Cwtsh (or cwtch) is her favourite book. She always asks for 'Bobo' and goes through all his emotions as he seeks out a cwtch from his mam. It's a lovely book with beautiful illustrations. 

4. These colouring pencils are great for learning her colours. She can't read yet (as only 20 months old) but likes to colour in. I'm speaking both Welsh and English with her and having the colours written on each colour is helpful for us both.

5. Jac y Do CD has all our favourite Welsh children's songs (38 in total!) Sion corn is her favourite, even in the height of summer! 

24 Oct

Five Recipe Ideas Using Welsh Laver Seaweed / Welshman's Caviar for Christmas

Posted by Becca Hemmings

Enjoy these five Festive favourite with a twist of Welshman's Caviar! Recipes and photos by The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company.

1. Roast Potatoes with Dulse 

Why not sprinkle dulse (available in our Mermaid's Larder gift selection here) on to your roast potatoes to make them even more delicious. Simply sprinkle on as soon as you remove the roasties from the oven.

2. Sprouts with Grass Kelp

This is a delicious recipe which will make sprouts the new favourite! Stir fry 3 shallots and 1 tablespoon of grass kelp (available in our Mermaid's Larder gift selection here) in olive oil. Add 500g of sprouts and enough water to cover them and gently simmer for 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve with a little extra kelp if you wish!

3. Parsnips with Laver & Dulse

Prepare your parsnips as you like, add to baking tray with oil and then sprinkle laver and dulse seaweed before you put them in the over to roast. (Both available in our Mermaid's Larder gift selection here)

4. Welsh Caviar Stuffing

Add two tablespoons of Welshman's Caviar to your usual stuffing recipe for that moreish umami taste.

5. Bread Sauce with Wrack

Add 1 tablespoon of wrack seaweed to your bread sauce mix (available in our Mermaid's Larder gift selection here) to liven up this festive favourite.


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