An Eco-Friendly / Eco-gyfeillgar Company


We want to do our bit for our beautiful planet.

We follow the below guidelines to ensure our company has a low carbon foot print. You can view our favourite eco-friendly products here. 


We do not print our your invoice or any of our supplier invoices to save paper and ink, but offer the option to have them emailed to you if you require them

Cardboard Boxes / Paper

Our boxes and void fill paper are 100% recyclable. They are also made from a composite of 60-90% recycled paper and kraft, so they are excellent quality and help save our environment. 

Paper Tape

We use paper tape for our packaging, which is 100% recyclable, acid free and biodegradable. 

Tissue Paper

Our acid-free tissue paper is pretty, practical, and also 100% recyclable.

No More Cellophane

We no longer supply cards or posters in cellophane to cut down on plastic waste. We still have a small amount of stock pre-packaged in cello-bags, but going forward our products will now be sent in a recyclable paper bag.


Our paper bubblewrap is 100% recyclable, so it is both efficient and an environmentally-friendly packaging product. We also reuse materials, so if you do receive plastic bubblewrap it has been recycled. If you can't use it again, please check your local recycling guidelines on how to dispose of it (Cardiff - large supermarkets will recycle this with your soft plastics) 

Not Tested on Animals

We are completely against animal testing and all of our cosmetics are tested (willingly) on us, not our furry friends.


We recycle all the excess cardboard, paper and plastic we do not use. 

We also re-use boxes and materials wherever possible.

Low Carbon Footprint

We are based in South Wales, and as most of our products are handmade in Wales our carbon footprint is very low.  

Low Wastage

As a small company we only purchase what we need (stock and packaging materials), so there is very little wastage and impact on the environment


Our fulfilment centre in Swansea is also a small business, and proudly an 'eco warehouse.' It aims to reduce, reuse and recylce!