Siôn Corn / Father Christmas - Welsh Christmas Song

This song never fails to get me in the mood for Christmas! I remember singing it at my school concert, dressed in a dressing gown and clutching a stocking.

Pwy sy'n dwad dros y bryn,
yn ddistaw ddistaw bach; 
ei farf yn llaes
a'i wallt yn wyn,
a rhywbeth yn ei sach? 

A phwy sy'n eistedd ar y to
ar bwys y simne fawr? 
Sion Corn, Sion Corn
Tyrd yma, tyrd i lawr! 

English Translation

Who is coming over the hill,
Very very quietly;
his beard is long
his hair is white,
and something in his sack?

And who is sitting on the roof
near the big chimney?
Santa, Santa
Come here, come on down!

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