Gifts for Welsh Weddings - Our Top 5 Picks

Here are our top sellers for weddings, whether they are a gift, table decoration or something new!

1. Welsh Confetti

These are top of the list - they make a lovely table decoration and come in handy little drawstring bags. Choose from tiny cwtches or dragons - or a mix of both!

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Welsh Slate Cheese Board2. Welsh Slate Cheese Board

Perfect wedding gift for the new couple, these boards are lovingly handmade from Snowdonian slate. A perfectly practical gift that will be used time and time again.

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3. Print - Calon Lan

This print will remind them of their 'Calon Lan', their honest hearts. Perfect for their new home together! Available in Red or Natural.

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Welsh Slate Cufflinks4. Welsh Slate Cufflinks

These handsome cufflinks are ideal for the best man or the groom himself. Handcrafted by an award winning designer these are traditional with a modern twist (something old and new)

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Welsh Love Spoon5. Love Spoons

Lovespoons have long been associated with marriage in Wales. A hopeful suitor would spend hours carving a spoon with symbolic symbols. He would present this to her father, who would decide if he was a worthy match.

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