Dylan Thomas Facts - Stuff You Should Know

Here are some interesting facts about Dylan Thomas, the great Welsh man of words.

Dylan Thomas has a middle name

His middle name was Marlais, Dylan Marlais Thomas.

Dylan Thomas didn't speak Welsh

Although both of his parents spoke fluent Welsh, Thomas and his older sister never learned the language, and so Thomas wrote only in English.

Dylan Thomas' Favourite drink

Dylan is well known for liking a drink, but his drunken behaviour was a bit of a show for his American audience. He much preferred his local pub, Brown's Hotel in Laugharne, to the spirits and bright lights of the city. You would find him sipping halves of Welsh bitter whilst listening to stories and gossip in his favoured window-seat, garnering enough material to write a sequel to Under Milk Wood!

Dylan Thomas was too ill to become a soldier

World War II began In September 1939 and many men were drafted into the army. When called for army interview, Dylan looked so ill he was excused and did not have to fight. 

Dylan Thomas met Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplain 

Dylan didn't like America much, but he lived the Hollywood lifestyle. One night he starting his evening with a several drinks with Marilyn Monroe before going to a party at Charlie Chaplain's house. Upon arrival, Thomas was so drunk that he crashed the car into the net of Chaplin's tennis court. Once in the party, Thomas insisted he was only interested in meeting Chaplin himself and snubbed the other Hollywood stars. After meeting Chaplain, who was unimpressed by his "rude, drunken behavior", Dylan promptly walked out into the solarium and relieved himself on a large plant.

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Dylan was 28yrs old at the onset of the 2nd world war and when called for the army interview “Dylan looked so ill he was excused and did not have to fight” oh yeah!


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