Broad Haven UFO Sightings - Aliens in West Wales?

Over 40 years a go a group of school children said they witnessed a strange UFO in a field near their school. To this day it is still unexplained.

Here are some facts to get you in the spirit for Halloween!

Pupil drawings taken from Broad Haven School's 1977 UFO scrapbook

Credit: BBC News

Where was it?

There were several reported sightings of a strange object in Broad Haven and Little Haven in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The area became known as 'The Dyfed Triangle' a play on the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

When was it?

The sightings took place in 1977, with others reported in the same decade.

  • 4th February 1977:  14 pupils of Broad Haven Primary School spotted the craft and a creature near their playing field. Their headmaster, Ralph Llewellyn, suspected that they were playing a joke, and so asked the children to draw the craft in exam like conditions. He was surprised how similar the drawings were!
  • 17th February 1977: A few teachers and dinner ladies at the school also claimed to have seen the craft, with one saying she saw the creature too.
  • 19th April 1977: The owner of the Haven Fort Hotel in near by Little Haven claims to have seen a UFO in a field with two human-like creatures

What Did it Look Like?

  • The craft was described as being silver and "cigar-shaped" with a "dome covering the middle third" by 10 year old pupil David Davies
  • Rosa Granville, owner of Haven Fort Hotel, described it as an "upside-down saucer." She said it was radiating so much heat that her "face felt burned".
  • Ms. Granville also witnessed two "faceless humanoid" creatures with pointed heads who didn't seem to mind the heat: "There was light coming from [the craft] and flames of all colours. Then they came out of these flames, that's what I don't understand." 

Is there an explanation?

There are a number of theories but these incidents still cannot be fully explained.

  • In 1996 Glyn Edwards admitted to donning a silver suit and wandering around the area in 1977 as a prank, but can't explain the UFO
  • Flt Lt Cowan, an officer from RAF Brawdy, examined the site near Ms. Granville's hotel, but could find no evidence of a landing. He reported that a "local prankster was at work" and noted that the description of aliens "fitted exactly the type of protection suit that would have been issued in the event of a fire at one of the local oil refineries".
  • The school children could have confused a sewage tank as a UFO, although many were from farming backgrounds and would have recognised this type of machinery. Additionally no council vehicles were believed to be in the area at the time
  • A former US Navy sailor said the silver-suited humanoid was in fact a member of US military personnel wearing their standard fireproof uniform and the UFOs were new Harrier jets flying over.

Broad Haven Pupils with UFO drawings

Credit: BBC News

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