Daw Eto Haul Ar Fryn - Things Will Get Better - Some Lockdown Rainbows

Daw Eto Haul Ar Fryn is the Welsh for Things Will Get Better, a perfect phrase to keep us going during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Rainbows have been chosen as a symbol of hope - a sign that the sun will come out after the storm. Children are being encouraged to paint pictures to place in their windows so other lock downed children (and adults!) can go on rainbow hunts. The bright colours also cheer passersby up!

The rainbow pictures started in Italy, with the slogan "andra tutto benne" ("everything will be all right") spreading quickly across the country, and has since gone internationally.

Here are some Welsh rainbow gifts for you and your loved ones. We also sell a watercolour a4 print for your window for just £2.50.

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