How to Wash a Welsh Wool Blanket / Carthen Care Instructions

Are you the proud owner of a Welsh tapestry blanket and wondering what the washing and care instructions are? 

Old or new, these are pretty much the same. Please view our tips below:


  • As they are pure wool they hardly need washing, just give them a shake outside and air them on the line every so often to keep them fresh
  • Spot clean where possible using warm water and a mid detergent when a spill occurs. Don't scrub but soak and blot dry the stain.
  • When they do need a wash use a cold / delicate / hand wash setting on the washing machine with a delicate wool specific detergent. Do not use fabric softener
  • Was separately to avoid anything catching the weave


  • Never tumble dry - the heat will cause shrinkage and felting
  • Do not wring as this can cause the blanket to become misshapen.
  • Instead you can use a slow spin on the washing machine with no heat. Wool can hold a lot of water so it will take ages to dry naturally!
  • When hanging on the line be sure to distribute the weight evenly
  • Avoid a long exposure to sunlight as this can cause colour fading and material coarseness 


  • Look out for moths - wool is a favourite food of theirs! These can be deterred by hanging them out in the sun to kill any eggs and regular turning
  • Moths love the dark so if kept in storage do wrap the blanket in something impenetrable like plastic. There are specific moth deterrents you can buy too - cedarwood, sachets or sprays with essential oils they hate.

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