Ryan Davies: Napoleon vs Mam / Jemima Nicholas - Funny

The wonderful Ryan Davies perfectly sums up the strength and bravery of The Welsh Mam!

It is loosely based on the true story of the Welsh heroine Jemima Nicholas (also known as also known as Jemima Fawr), who bravely marched to meet the French when they invaded Fishguard in 1797. She was 47 years old, and lived until she was 82!

Napoleon vs Mam, by Ryan Davies Credit: BBC Wales Archive

Napoleon vs Mam - Ryan Davies

The Emperor Napoleon
He sent his ships of war
With spreading sails to conquer Wales
And land on Fishguard shore.
But Jemima, she was waiting
With her broomstick in her hand,
And all the other women too,
To guard their native land.
For the Russians and the Prussians
He did not give a damn
But he took on more than he bargained for
When he tried it on with Mam.

Their cloaks were good red flannel,
Their hats were black and tall,
They looked just like brave soldiers
And were braver than them all,
The Frenchmen took one look at them
And in panic they did flee,
Cried oo-la-la, and then ta-ta,
And jumped into the sea.
And said to one another
As back to France they swam,
We’d have stayed at home if we’d only known
We’d have had to take on Mam.

The Emperor Napoleon
He was a man of note,
His hat was sideways on his head,
His hand inside his coat.
When he heard the news from Fishguard
His sorrow was complete,
Oh Josephine, what does it mean?
My army has been beat!
I will make this proclamation,
Though a conqueror I am
You may conquer all creation
But you’ll never conquer Mam!

Jeminma Nicholas' Grave. Source: wikipedia

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