Top Gifts for Teacher - Diolch Miss / Syr!

These gifts for top of the class! We also have a wide range of cards available, click here.

1. Welsh Stoneware Mug / Muglet - Glosters

Every teacher loves a hot drink - be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate! They are sure to enjoy their break even more with this gorgeous mug by Glosters. Handmade in Porthmadog from stoneware clay, it is steeped in Welsh history and will be treasured!

Mug / Muglet - Glosters Welsh Pottery - Handmade - Mustard Yellow

2. Magnet - Athrawes orau'r byd

A lovely addition to their fridge, and a great reminder of how much they mean to your child and you! 'Athrawes orau'r byd' means 'Best Teacher in the World' and is the female spelling.

Magnet - Wooden Apple - Athrawes orau'r byd (World's best teacher - Female)

3. Decoration - Afal i'r Athro

An apple for teacher (male) - this is exclusive to us, a perfect little hanger to remind him how important he is, and it won't even rot!

Decoration - Afal i'r Athrawes / Athro - Apple for Teacher 

4.Bag / Tote - Cymraes am Byth

Welsh Lady Forever! A practical gift that will help them carry their books and papers.

Bag / Tote - Cymraes am Byth - Welsh Lady Forever

5. Socks - Mabli Carthen

Available in a wide range of colours and 2 sizes, these luxurious Welsh Carthen socks are sure to be a hit in the playground and staff room!

Socks - Mabli Carthen / Welsh Tapestry - Adults Unisex - Gold

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