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09 Oct

RIP Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan - Whose Loyalty Never Died

Posted by Becca Hemmings

On this day in 1401, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan was brutally executed for preventing King Henry IV's capture of the Welsh prince, Owain Glyndwr.

Owain Glyndwr rebelled against English rule and had crushed Henry IV’s army on the slopes of Pumlumon in 1401. Furious, Henry sought out Glyndwr, and discovered that he was in Llandovery. Accompanied by his son (the future Henry V) and a vast army, they asked the locals for help.

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan was a local, and offered to help the king find Glyndwr. However, the 60 year old landowner had two sons in Glyndwr’s army, and had no intention of betraying his prince. He led the king and his forces astray through the uplands of Deheubarth for weeks; which allowed Glyndwr and his men to escape and evade capture.

Eventually, The king realised that Llywelyn had tricked them. Embarrassed and angry, Henry ordered a gruesome punishment for Llywelyn; he was dragged through the town of Llandovery and tortured in the town square, in front of the castle gates. (warning - next part not suitable for sensitive eyes!) They cut out Llywelyn's stomach and cooked it in front of him. His death was long and excruciatingly painful. Finally, he was hanged, drawn and quartered. They sent his salted remains to other Welsh towns to deter them from opposing the king. However, Glyndwr remained uncaptured and was never betrayed.

600 years after Llywelyn’s death, a sculpture was erected in Llandovery on a small hill next to the castle where he died. It is Llywelyn, watching over his town and commemorating his undying loyalty.

 Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan sculpture

Image source: Becca Hemmings

11 Sep

List of the Different Flags of Wales

Posted by Becca Hemmings

Do you recognise all of these flags? They remind my of Game of Thrones! What banner would you pledge allegiance too? 

Check out our Welsh Flag cards here.

Country Flags

Flag of WalesFlag of Wales 1953-1959

Counties / Principal Areas

Anglesey flag Glamorgan FlagCaernarfonshire flagPembrokeshire flagMonmouthshire FlagFlintshire FlagMerionethshire FlagCardiganshire FlagCardiff flag

Welsh Royal Standards

Owain Glyndwr flagHouse of AberffrawLlywelyn ap Gruffydd FlagHouse of Dinefwr FlagHouse of Mathrafal FlagPowys Fadog Flag

Battle Flags

The Cross of NeathThe Golden Dragon Flag

Religious Flags

Church of Wales FlagSaint David's Flag

Nationalist Flags

The White Eagle FlagCymru 1400 FlagWelsh Republican Tricolour Flag

24 Jul

Gifts for Welsh Weddings - Our Top 5 Picks

Posted by Becca Hemmings in Welsh Traditions, Welsh Weddings

Here are our top sellers for weddings, whether they are a gift, table decoration or something new!

1. Welsh Confetti

These are top of the list - they make a lovely table decoration and come in handy little drawstring bags. Choose from tiny cwtches or dragons - or a mix of both!

Click here for more! 

Welsh Slate Cheese Board2. Welsh Slate Cheese Board

Perfect wedding gift for the new couple, these boards are lovingly handmade from Snowdonian slate. A perfectly practical gift that will be used time and time again.

Click here for more!

3. Print - Calon Lan

This print will remind them of their 'Calon Lan', their honest hearts. Perfect for their new home together! Available in Red or Natural.

Click here for more

Welsh Slate Cufflinks4. Welsh Slate Cufflinks

These handsome cufflinks are ideal for the best man or the groom himself. Handcrafted by an award winning designer these are traditional with a modern twist (something old and new)

Click here for more

Welsh Love Spoon5. Love Spoons

Lovespoons have long been associated with marriage in Wales. A hopeful suitor would spend hours carving a spoon with symbolic symbols. He would present this to her father, who would decide if he was a worthy match.

 Click here for more.

02 Jun

Top 6 Welsh Gifts for Father's Day - Sul y Tadau Hapus!

Posted by Becca Hemmings

Here are our handpicked gifts for your dad. Don't forget to treat him on the 21st June!


1. Pint / Beer Glass - Iechyd Da - Good Health

Now a firm favourite, our exclusive 'Iechyd Da' beer tankards are perfect for dad! Why not present it with his favourite bottle of Brains.

They are wonderful quality and designed with an attractive vintage font.

'Iechyd da' is the Welsh 'Cheers' - meaning 'Good Health'

Order yours today. Click here to learn more.


2. Silver Leek Tie Pin

New in this year - our silver Leek is now available as a tie pin.

It is a replica of an antique and very special. Handcrafted from solid silver and presented in a Welsh wool lined box. 

Now he can always wear a bit of Wales with pride.

Find out more here.

3. Card - Sul Y Tadau Hapus

This year's Father's Day card was inspired by a vintage rugby manual.

'Sul y Tadau Hapus' is the Welsh for 'Happy Father's Day'

Perfect mix of nostalgia and charm

Find out more here.

4. T-Shirt - Chwarae Teg

One of my Dad's favourite phrases, 'Chwarae Teg' means 'Fair Play' in Welsh

Handprinted on 100% cotton. Slim fit flattering cut and available in small, medium, large and extra large

Find out more here.

5. Coaster - Welsh Slate - Personalised

The beauty of this gift is that we can personalise it with anything you would like!

Why not have 'Dad Gorau', the Welsh for 'best dad', or your favourite pet name.

Serve with his favourite drink - be that coffee or something stronger.

Only £9.99 - find out more here.

6. Drink / Gift Tag - Cwrw Dad - Dad's beer

Is it telling that 50% of this list is beer related? Probably. Hope it doesn't reflect badly on my dad!

Handmade in Wales from Welsh clay.

£3.50 - find out more here.

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